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The ICS9248-39 produces all the hours needed for RISC or CISC high-speed microprocessor systems such as intel PentiumPro or Cyrix. Eight different reference frequency multiplication factors can be selected externally with smooth frequency transmission.
Its features include two CPUs, six PCI and thirteen hours of SDRAM. Two reference outputs equal to the available crystalline frequency. Plus the IOAPIC output is fed with VDDL1. One hour 48 MHz for USB and one hour 24 MHz for Super IO. Spread Spectrum is built with modulations of ±0.5% or ±0.25% to reduce EMI. Serial programming of the I2C interface allows changing functions, stopping clock programming and selecting frequencies. In addition, the device has a pentium power stabilizer, which requires cpu and PCI clocks to be stable within 2 milliseconds once turned on. It is not recommended to use a dual-function I/O PIN for slots (ISA, PIC, CPU, DIMM). The add-on card may be dragged up or down.
High drive PCICLK and SDRAM outputs typically offer movement rates of more than 1 V/ns at 30pF loads. CPUCLK outputs typically offer better speeds of 1V/ns at 20pF loads while maintaining a 50±5% working cycle. REF and 24 and 48 MHz clock outputs typically offer better movement rates of 0.5V/ns to 20pF.

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